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May 24, 2007

Two Major methods of using audiences for WebParts

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I have been working on displaying information using web parts to a target audience in MOSS 2007. Here is some insight which I would like to share with you.

Basically with regards to our projects I came across two methods of implementing audience filtering. There was a common problem with both the methods: Target audience do not recognise distribution lists in AD (Basically The distribution list in Active Directory is not recognised in SharePoint. Security Group is AD is the way to go).

There is a work around for this through Shared Serviced Provider (SSP) by importing all the user profiles and creating audiences through there. This process is dynamic, as the scheduling is enabled in SSP to update the audience every night.

We have chosen one method over the other and the reasons are provided below.

Method 1
· Enable target audience in the list
· Allow the users to manually allocate target audience when they add items to the list ·
. Use the content Query web part to display these items to the right audience.
Problems with this method
· Content Query web part displays only one column (the original title column). though it can
be changed by making changes to XML file.
· There is no way to check that the users will select the right audience while adding new

Method 2
· No need to enable target audience in the list
· Users don’t need to allocate the target audience while adding new items to the list
· Normal list web parts are created for each audience filtered by the required criteria.
· Only one web part will be visible to a user depending on the criteria selected(Other web
parts will be hidden)
· Added advantage is that you can select a group of audience to whome you want to display
all the information


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