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August 21, 2008

OneNote as a Collaboration tool on SharePoint

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My colleague recently introduced me to the prospect of using Microsoft OneNote as a Collaboration tool on SharePoint.

He has been using it locally to manage his project and store information in a free form format. The beauty of using it with SharePoint is the capability to publish different sections of Onenote on to a SharePoint Document Library (and thus potentially leveraging sharepoint item level security). OneNote being free form, it can be used as an effective shared resource on sharepoint for agile projects. It also manages online (& offline) synchronisation, rather than a check-in/out method.

Given below are my analysis of using OneNote effectively as a team collaboration tool:

It is definitely a good collaboration tool with much more flexibility to collaborate amongst team members in real time.


My Colleague demonstrated how different sections of One Note Notebook can be published on to SharePoint document library and multiple users can work on the same notebook in a real time. The features include:

·         Notebook tags the time and date for each modification.

·         The User Name for each modification is tagged.

·         The notebook can sync with the document library in real time to update online copy of the changes made by you and update your copy with changes update by other users.

·         Tag pictures, visio diagrams etc with any note or point (issue, priorities etc)


The following might be demerits of using this as opposed to a project site template (provided by SharePoint):

·         The flexibility of the notebook might prevent adhering to templates or project methodology.

·         Need to investigate different security levels on notebook. Maybe we can lock some sections by using item level security of document library (not tested).


From initial investigation:

  • This seems to be a wonderful tools for managing small projects or agile projects (project site might not be option for these).
  • This can also be used as a knowledge base (something like a wiki) to share information.
  • Can be used as a Collaborative editing tool.
  • As a notice board for big projects.



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