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September 18, 2008

Export Files to SharePoint Document library from Business Objects and Adobe LiveCycles

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Apart from Sharepoint, our company has also implemented other Workflow and Business Intelligence tools:

·         Adobe Lice Cycles Server – To manage electronic forms and workflow

·         Business Objects XI – To generate business Intelligence reports for Finance and Operations


Business Requirement:

·         Store the completed Adobe LiveCycles Form in SharePoint Document library and make is searchable.

·         Export the Business Objects report to SharePoint Document library and publish it on sharepoint.


We achieved this simply by following the steps below:

1.       Go to document library and open it in the windows explorer view. Copy the UNC path for the explorer view which will go something like this //<sharepoint_server>/<site..>/<site.>/<Document_library>/

2.       Go to Business Objects and Adobe server and start the web client service. This service is needed to access and modify internet based files (sharepoint doc library).

3.       In the business objects, schedule the report to be exported to a file location. Provide the UNC location, copied earlier.

4.       To export from Adobe livecycle, you can export the file to a UNC location at any step in the workflow (sorry don’t have any screen shots).


You can get the following advantages from Sharepoint:

·         SharePoint search facility (to locate a particular type of report or form)

·         Version control to browse the older version of the same report or form. SharePoint actually stores a new file with same name as a new version of the document (you of course need the versioning turned on).

Excel services can be used to publish report to a SharePoint page (this should be updated with the latest version).


September 3, 2008

Google Chrome not so compatible with SharePoint

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I decided to test the much hyped ‘Google Chrome’ with SharePoint today. So, I set off downloading the latest browser waiting in anticipation of what Google has to offer.

For a browser that is developed from scratch (I don’t see any point in that by the way!), it has some wonderful capabilities – drag tabs between windows, improved security against phishing and malware, improved features for developers, pop ups to appear in the tab it originated from and much more.

The problem started, however when I opened our SharePoint intranet site. Given below is the list of issues I noticed in the few minutes of testing:

·         Minor formatting issues. Some of the tables where out of formatting.

·         The drop down menus for the top navigation appeared hidden behind the embedded images on the page. I think it has something to do with how IE use z indexing on IE 6.

·         You cannot edit a document in Microsoft word, excel etc (right click on a document and edit in Microsoft word). Error Message: “Edit document requires a windows SharePoint services compatible application and Microsoft internet explorer 6 or greater”.

·         Drag and drop does not work in the edit page view.

·         Silver light web parts do not work. I think silverlight does not support this browser yet.

I am sure there might be more issues noticed by others. I am not suggesting anyone to use chrome for sharepoint in my organization.

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