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June 27, 2007

Timer Jobs and Scheduled tasks

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Until recently I thought that Scheduled task are best handled by creating a console EXE and schedule it to run via Windows Scheduler (More information: Scheduling Timed Jobs (Windows SharePoint Services 2003)). To create these task you need to have console access to your production server. This is frustrating in a big organisations since the admin rights to server are held by limited people.

The solution to this problem is the new ‘Timer Jobs’ feature in MOSS 2007. Timer Jobs can be accessed through Central Admininstration  by clicking on ‘Timer Job Definitions’ under Operations. There is a list of Timer Jobs available in MOSS.

You can custom develop your own Timer Jobs to do scheduled task. The best part is that once these jobs are installed, they can easily be managed from Central Administration. You can view the status and Disable or Enable it easily without console access. View Andrew Connell’s blog for more technical information on Creating Custom SharePoint Timer Jobs


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