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September 20, 2007

Scanned documents and SharePoint Library

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Recently I came across a requirement to use a SharePoint repository for a solution to store scanned copies of documents. Below are the requirements:

1. Scanned copies of all the documents are to be stored in a (SharePoint) repository tagged with appropriate metadata.
2. These Scanned copies should be searchable by metadata
3. Automatic tagging of metadata from the scanner (choice provided in the scanner).
4. The scanned copies are currently viewed via a tiff viewer. Requirement is that one page is rendered at a time to allow a fast response time. (pdf format is not used currently because it is too slow to render)

While researching I came across a lot of solutions available online:
One of them was a free solution from Knowledge lake


iTag offers a cool solution which allows the metadata field to be tagged directly from the scanner. It also allows a document to be scanned directly to a SharePoint library:

Xerox offers solution to link to SharePoint and other ECM solutions:

Theres also this plugin from Websio (which works with most of the scanner)

And another plugin from DarkBlue duck… http://www.darkblueduck.com/Products/ScanningEnablerWSS.aspx



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